Overcomers By Grace


Overcomers by Grace seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Grace and show the love of Christ to disabled Asians and Africans and their families in Nairobi, Kenya. Many disabled people in the Muslim and Hindu communities experience isolation and abuse.  Mothers of disabled children may be dismissed and forced to raise a disabled child as a single mother.  As a Muslim, Shafkat Khan experienced these dynamics first-hand following a serious auto accident that hospitalized him for over six years and paralyzed him below the waist.


Following his profession of faith in Christ, Shafkat was moved by the Holy Spirit to shine the light of the gospel into the dark lives of others in his situation. To read about the events that led him to begin this ministry, see Shafkat’s story. Shafkat is a member and Elder of New City Fellowship, Nairobi. For the past ten years, Shafkat and Sabia, his wife, have gathered youths and adults from their homes to share the love of Christ through fellowship, tutoring, basic physical and occupational therapy, and proclaiming the Gospel of grace. The ministry also includes outreach to the families of the participants. By demonstrating the tangible results of patiently loving and teaching each participant, the ministry reveals the abilities and dignity of each participant to their family. Overcomers by Grace currently meets three times per week. Students are gathered from their homes using a rented van. Three paid staffers assist the students with tutoring and basic physical and speech therapy.


The Nairobi Bridge Team participates in the ministry through prayer, financial support, and the provision of medical equipment, and is assisting in the formation of a broader oversight and support network. The near-term vision is to increase the quality of care provided and establish stable financial support to enable Shafkat and Sabia to focus on the growth of the ministry. The plan includes a weekly three hour visit by a physical therapist and a speech therapist. Two hours of the therapists time will be spent addressing the needs of the participants, and one hour dedicated to training the staff. In doing so, the staff will provide a higher level of sustained care and receive valuable job training.


Overcomers by Grace is able to continue its ministry through financial sponsorship and prayer from faithful supporters. The New City Fellowship congregations in Nairobi, Chattanooga, and St. Louis welcome partners in the support of Overcomers by Grace.

To contribute to this ministry, make checks payable to:
New City Fellowship
1142 Hodiamont Avenue
St. Louis, MO
(314)726-2302 x 29
Website: http://www.ncfbridge.org